Marina Pliassova

Piano // Both periods
Marina Pliassova

Marina Pliassova is a performing pianist, piano teacher and author. She is a college lecturer at the Barratt Due Music Institute in Oslo, section leader at Young Talents, she teaches main instrument and piano art history. Pliassova plays concerts and holds master classes and lectures both in Norway and abroad, she is also a non-fiction and fiction writer.

Marina Pliassova is trained as a performing pianist and piano teacher at the "College of Arts" in Irkutsk and the State Conservatory of Music in Novosibirsk, she is a PhD candidate at the Academy of Music in Bulgaria, Sofia. In 1990, Pliassova became the first prize winner in a competition for performing music educators in Russia. In 1993 she got a job as a piano teacher and district musician in Norway (Lofoten). From 1995 she worked at the Statens Musikkonservatorium, Kongsbakken VG school / music line and the Music and Culture School in Tromsø. In 1998 she moved to Oslo and started working at the Barratt Due music institute.

Marina Pliassova has extensive experience as a piano teacher, pianist and accompanist; she has more and more students who are represented at national and international competitions, as well as concerts and festivals, both as soloists and chamber musicians; she holds master classes, concerts and seminars both in Norway and abroad: Greece, Russia, Spain, Iceland, Bulgaria, France, England, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, and holds various lectures in methodology and piano art history. She is a jury member in a number of international competitions.

Pliassova has published several non-fiction and fiction books in both Norway and Russia. She is a member of the Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers 'and Translators' Association. Constantly working on new projects, including Piano Art History.

Among Marina's pupils and students are around 300 competition winners at national and international level. Her students are constantly represented in radio and TV programs, they also participate in major European festivals and concerts.