Check-in and schedules

Upon registration and check-in, all participants will be handed a folder. The folder contains: 

Your individual schedule, program for festival concerts and course concerts, information about meals, emergency numbers, staff members, Valdres etc. and a bracelet that gives you access to selected festival concerts. 

Parents that stay at folkehøgskolen with younger participants will be given minor tasks.

Meeting on arrival day

There will be a meeting on the arrival day. This is mandatory for ALL participants, even if you have attended the course previous years.  

During the course it is important to keep track of updated information. The information will be given verbally or posted outside the dining room at folkehøgskolen and in the lobby at the hotel.

Well-being and safety

Our staff members are responsible for the participants safety and well-being. The staff members live together with the participants at Valdres folkehøgskole and are available all hours for whatever may be needed. 

We have zero tolerance for the use of drugs, bullying, discrimination and all forms of offensive behavior during our courses. This applies to both participants and adults. Remember to read our rules and regulations before arriving in Valdres. 

24/7 support line (During the night: only for emergencies): (+47) 911 40 371


Course concerts:

The course concerts at Valdres Folkehøgskole are free for the public, with the exception of the closing concerts at 28 June and 3 July. The closing concerts are free for parents and participants who live at Valdres folkehøgskole, everyone else must buy a ticket.

Tickets for the closing concerts and an overview of course concerts can be found here.

Festival Concerts:

Participant and parents living at Valdres Folkehøgskole will have free access to selected festival concerts. The bracelet which will be given to you at check-in will work as a ticket for these concerts.

Information regarding the festival concerts will be updated after the release of the festival program, in April 2023. The festival 2023 will take place between 28 June - 3 July. This means that the festival this year only occurs at the same time as the second course period.