Valdres Sommersymfoni Courses are part of Norsk Ressurssenter for Klassisk Musikk KF.

Since the start in 1994, Valdres Sommersymfoni has become the largest course for classical music talents in Northern Europe.

Every year, Valdres becomes a gathering place for talents, young musicians, teachers, and artists at the beginning of summer. Our faculty consists of outstanding educators and accompanists from Norway and Europe to ensure that we cater to each individual's level, from the youngest children to the older students already pursuing careers.

We aim for everyone to leave Valdres full of new inspiration!

Contact us: If you have any questions, contact the course leader Ingvild Loen at

Mona Kleven Bilde Stort
Mona Kleven
Director // NRKM
Alf Richard Kraggerud Scr
Alf Richard Kraggerud
Artistic manager
Ingvild Loen C Privat
Ingvild Loen
Course and project manager
Ole Rasmus Red
Ole Rasmus Bjerke
Project manager | NRKM/ Kursene
Beatrice Bjørnsen
Beatrice Bjørnsen
Artistic council | Courses
Ole Eirik Ree
Ole Eirik Ree
Artistic council | Courses

Valdres sommersymfoni's courses are a part of the Norwegian resourcesenter for classical music (NRKM). Our office is in Fagernes in Valdres, and at Sentralen in Oslo. The organization operates Valdres sommersymfoni Courses and festival, as well as national and international projects.