Soon-Mi Chung Barratt-Due

Bratsj // 2. periode
Soon Mi Chung Barratt Due

After her extraordinary violin debut in 1982 Chung has toured extensively, including soloist appearances with all the Norwegian symphony orchestras, concerts at the Bergen International Festival and a number of chamber music festivals such as Oslo, Stavanger and Kristiansand. In addition to performing concerts in Norway she has toured in most of the Central European countries as well as in Asia, South America and the USA.

A number of central Norwegian composers have dedicated their works to her, as for instance Arne Nordheim, Ketil Hvoslef and Olav Anton Thommessen. The latter wrote his Viola Concerto for her, which had its premier performance with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in connection with the orchestra’s 75th anniversary in 1995.

She has a well known cooperation with the violinist Stephan Barratt-Due. Together they have recorded several CD’s and they have had regular appearances on both the Norwegian national television as well as radio.
Together, they received the City of Oslo’s Culture Award 1998, the prestigious Lindeman Award 2007, Anders Jahres Culture Award 2010 and they will receive The Arts Council Norway Award in December this year.