Balder Hella Mikkelsen

Papillon artist, cello
Balder 01

Balder Hella Mikkelsen (born 2001) studies the cello at The Academy Barratt Due. He is currently studying with Louisa Tuck.

He has won a number of prizes and awards both as a soloist and chamber musician; the Sparre Olsen competition and Ungdommens Musikkmesterskap amongst others. In 2017 he reached the super finale at DNB's National Soloist Competition at the Fjord Cadenza Festival. In 2919 he won the second price in chamber music with Arctic Trio in the international competition Virtuoso & Belcanto in Italy. In 2020 he qualified for the finale in NRK's classical soloist competition Virtuos, where he was a soloist with the Radio Orchestra.

He is accepted in the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra's talent program and the talent program Konstknekt, which is the Kavli Foundation and Vinterfestspill i Bergstaden's orchetra academy. Here he play's chamber music with members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

I 2014 Balder was a soloist with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra. He has performed at the Bergen International Festival and the Oslo International Chamber Music Festival. He has participated in the Ung Filharmoni project for a number of years.

Balder is the recipient of a scholarships and grants such as Bergen Kommunes Talentutviklingsstipend, Sigmund Skages Minnefond, Ånun Lund Rej Minnefond and Drømmestipendet.

Bar concert with the musicians' own favourites
- an informal concert with musical surprises
17. June kl 21:00 / Scandic Valdres
Free concert at Briskeby'n
- Valdresdagen: Outdoor concert and local food
18. June kl 12:00 / Briskeby'n
Romantic lunch concert
- chamber music by the great composers of the romantic era with lunch menu
19. June kl 13:00 / Nythun
The Rite of Spring
- a unique version of the Rite of Spring and Vasks’ «Distant Light» with soloist Daniel Rowland
19. June kl 17:00 / Trykkerihallen
Beethoven's Fifth at the Fire Station
- a symbolic opening of the second festival weekend
23. June kl 18:00 / Nord-Aurdal Fire Station
Beethoven's Fifth at the Fire Station
- a symbolic opening of the second festival weekend
23. June kl 20:00 / Nord-Aurdal Fire Station