Ibrahim Keivo

Oud / Vokal
Ibrahim Keivo

Ibrahim Keivo is a Syrian singer and composer from (Misobotamia) Al-Hassakeh city.  Infusing his work with the roots of traditional Syrian music, he is one of few singers to have developed the Arab, Syriac, Armenian, Kurdish and Hazki traditions and to have enrichedthe musical heritage of Northem Syria . He is also famous for playing the typical instruments of this region, such as buzuq, saz and baghlama…………

Winner of the Golden Ornina Award at the Syrian Song Festivals. And Charles Crosse Award from France for CD (Syria Ibrahim keivo songs of Jezireh)

--He gave a lecture at the Damascus Opera House, Syria

--And he lectured at the American University of Beirut, Lebanon

For music and singing in the Syrian island

It has three CDs production of festivals and cultural institutions European

1-IBRAHIM KEIVO (CD) The Voice of ancient Syria (CD).

2-Syrie IBRAHIM KEIVO Chants de la Djezireh – Syria IBRAHIM KEIVO Songs of Jezireh.