Playing for a future

Playing på Valdresflya

Playing for A Future was launched in 2009 in order to give young musicians in less fortunate parts of the world a chance to grow thanks to music. Our goal is exchange in several directions.

Young musicians in poorer countries will get an opportunity to come to Norway to take part in Valdres Sommersymfoni in order to be inspired and bring impulses back home. Alternatively we’ll send musicians to our project countries to teach and inspire. Young musicians in Norway will get a better understanding of the world by meeting their young colleagues in Valdres, but also by visiting them in their countries. For the time being we cooperate with projects in Bolivia, Jordan and South Africa. 

Since 2011 Playing for A Future has been sponsored by Norwegian Foreign Department. In addition all applicants contributes with 200 NOK from the application fee. The musicians in three of the largest Norwegian Symphony Orchestras – Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Norwegian Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra and Stavanger Symphony Orchestra  – also sponsor the project.

Music sponsor

Starting this year we will give our community a possibility to contribute directly. Both in Bolivia and in South Africa teacher’s salaries’ are the biggest challenge. The authorities promise money that never arrives. Click on the link Musikkfadder (Music sponsor) and contribute with a salary for one given student for a year, NOK 1000,-. The money will go to the teacher of the chosen student and we will send name, age and what instrument the student plays to the sponsor. Teachers can chose to sponsor a given colleague and it is also possible to make a general contribution of NOK 500.

Our partners

South Africa: Already from the start we’ve been working with Ronnie Samaai and what is now called Western Cape Music Education Project in Kuils Rivier Cape Town. We have had young South African musicians in Valdres every year and in addition we have been able to contribute with money to the project. We have donated instruments, both new ones and used but renovated string instruments through cooperation with violinmaker Urs Wenk-Wolff. In 2012 we had an exchange student for six months. Kaylin Levendal went to High School in Lillestrøm and had lessons at Barratt Due institute of music while staying with a host family. In October 2014 we carried out master classes with Alf Richard Kraggerud at Stellenbosch University and in Western Cape Music Education Project.

Boliva: Sicor – Sistema de Coros y Orquestas – is our partner in Bolivia. We have had young musicians visiting Valdres every year since 2009. We have donated instruments and we have contributed to teacher salaries in Bolivia. In 2010 our photographer Tom Henning Bratlie and musicians in Nordic Brass Ensemble visited Bolivia. In 2013 we got an extra grant that made it possible to bring Pedro Pablo Yaquirena Urapogui (bassoon) to Norway for six months study at Barratt Due institute of music. Pedro stayed in a host family and was mentored by the musicians in Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jordan: In Jordan we cooperate with National Music Conservatory and JOrchestra in Amman. We have had young musicians coming to Valdres since 2011 and we have contributed with instruments. In addition we have had several Norwegian musicians in Amman. In 2011 Alf Richard Kraggerud conducted the orchestra with Guro Kleven Hagen (violin) as soloist. In 2012 Stephen Threlfall from Chetham School of Music in Manchester conducted with Sanda Lied Haga (cello) as soloist. Also in 2012 Carl Nilsen premiered his 1st symphony in Amman. Idunn Lohne (violin) and Eivind Hannisdal (trumpet) were soloists at the same concert.

Cooperation projects: Through transposition we have had participants from Vietnam during a number of years. Our cooperation with Oslo Camerata has made it possible to host young musicians from Brazil. Thanks to EU funds we have been cooperating with Poland.


Every year we choose an ambassador for Playing for A Future The ambassador gives concerts in Valdres and sometimes abroad. They perform for free, and all revenue goes to the project.

Alexander Rybak (violin/voice) 2009
Felix Peikli (clarinet) 2010
Guro Kleven Hagen (fiolin) 2011
Sandra Lied Haga (cello)  2012
Catharina Chen (fiolin) 2013
Eivind Holtsmark Ringstad (viola) 2014
Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde (fiolin) 2015.

The violinists Ludvig Gudim og Nhi Do Phuong is choosen as ambassadors for 2017.


Future prospects

After six years of exchange with young musicians from four continents we can only conclude with this being a success. The young musicians who are fortunate enough to come to Norway have all grown personally thanks to the inspiration they got and they have all returned to contribute to their own society.  Our Norwegian students have similarly learned something about the reality outside Norway. We hope to be able to continue our work, both with young musicians coming for summer course and for longer stays.


Ingrid Lohne is manager for Playing for A Future. The project was initiated by Festival Director Alf Richard Kraggerud