Practical information

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On this site we will soon publish important practical information about the summer courses, 2020. Please stay updated on this site, before contacting us with questions. We do our best to answer all of your requests, but do to our small staff, our capsity to do so, is unfortunatly limited.


Information about the sommer courses 2019:


Participants, parents and siblings who are living at Valdres folkehøgskole have free acess to some of the festival concerts. The bracelet you recieve at check-in, will be you ticket to theese concerts. If you wish to attend other concerts, you can purchase tickets at our home page.


21.juni: Åpningskonsert med Leif Ove Andsnes og Operaorkesteret på Valdres folkemuseum kl 18.00. 

24.juni: Urfremføring av bestillingsverk og lærerkonsert. På Valdres folkehøgskole kl 17:30

25.juni: Forhold som slår gnister. På Valdres folkehøgskole kl. 18.00


26.juni: Sommersymfoniens mange venner. På Valdres folkehøgskole kl 16.00

29.juni. Lærerkonsert på Valdres folkehøgskole kl 20.30

30.juni: Vennskap gjennom musikk. På Valdres folkehøgskole kl 20.30


We urge you to read the following information about the courses carefully!

  • All participants under the age of 18 will stay at Valdres folkehøgskole, Leira (participants under the age of 11 has to have a guardian with them for the summerschool).
  • All participants over the age of 18 will be staying at the hotel in Fagernes.  

Participants aged 18 years or older, according to our rules and Norwegian law, are responsible for themselves, and must make sure to be on time for rehearsals and concerts and otherwise follow our rules and regulations.


Schedule for the arrival day - 1.period, June 21st:

  • Check in between 14.30 - 16.30 (We recommend the bus for those travelling from Oslo that arrives 16.10 in Leira.)
  • Bus to the opening concert at Valdres folkemuseum 17.20 pm for all participants. Please make sure you have your bracelet with you, that are handed out durng check-in. 
  • 20.00 Return with the bus to VFHS
  • 20.30 Barbeque and games :) 

Departure on June 26th will be after the final concert that starts at 11.00 am and finish around 13.00.  


Schedule for arrival day - 2.period, June 26th:

  • Check-in:14.00 - 15.30 (We recommend the bus for those travelling from Oslo that arrives 13.35 in Leira.)
  • Opening concert 16.00 at Valdres Folkehøgskole
  • MANDATORY INFORMATION MEETING right after the concert! 
  • 19:00 Barbeque and games 
  • 20:00 Student concert at VFHS 

Departure om July 1st will be right after the concert that starts 11.00 and finish no later than 13.00

Participants at "Kammerakademiets sommerkurs" will have their own concert at Valdres high school at 13.00, and departure will be straight after the concert finish.  

The information-meeting at the first day is mandatory for all participants, even if you have attended the course earlier.  

Upon registration and check-in, all participants will be handed an envelope with their individual schedule, read this carefully.

During the course it is important to keep track of information that will be posted outside the dining room at folkehøgskolen, in the lobby at the hotel, or given orally.

All participant will, in addition to orchestra rehersals, be given individual lessons during the course. Please prepare and make sure to bring an extra copy of the piece/pieces you would like to play for your teacher.

Sheet music:

We will send the sheet music directly to your email. Make sure you print and rehears them before the course starts.

Course leaders:

Our course leaders have a responsibility for all participants' safety and welfare. Helene Sinding-Larsen shares this responsibility with our course manager Anne Camilla Furre Thommesen. They also have a number of assistens avaliable day and night.

Our camp manager or assistant will always be avaliable on this number, around the clock, during the course (+47) 911 40 371

Make sure to familiarize yourself with our rules and regulations before you arrive:

The only information distributed by email will be the admission-letter and the correct sheet music for your course. We will try to be of help in any way we can, but unfortunately our capacity to handle detail oriented questions for all participants are limited.

If you have allergies or other needs that we should be aware of, that you did not write in your registration, please send an email about this to at your earliest convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: Every year there are several participants with strong allergies to nuts. We therefore urge everyone to pay special attention to this by NOT bringing or purchasing food that contain nuts. Such food/products will not be allowed. (Some chips are made with nut oil, and is therefore not allowed. If you are unsure, read the description on the item).


Travelling to Valdres:

When you are travelling to Valdres from abroad, the nearest airport is OSLO Gardermoen airport (Norways main airport). From Gardermoen airport their is an express train that brings you to Oslo city in just 20 minutes. From the train station you walk through the terminal and over to the bus station (about 5 minutes). From here you will take Valdresekspressen. Please see this site for the timetable and to purchase tickets. We reccomend that you purchase your ticket beforehand.

If you are travelling to Folkehøgskolen, the bus-stop is called Leira E16 and if you are travelling to the festival hotel in Fagernes, the stop is called Fagernes skysstasjon


What to bring:

Please mark your personal belongings with name and number


  • Your instrument with all necessary equipment. Please make sure that your instrument is in good condition.
  • All strings: please bring extra strings, rosin, mute, an extra bow (if you have one) and a shoulder rest - if you use this.
  • Music Stand (with name and number).
  • Solo sheet music. Remember an original copy for the accompanist and one for your teacher.
  • All other orchestra music. You have to print the sheet music that we sent you and bring them along. You will not be able to print during the course. 

Other things to bring:

  • Clothes, remember that the weather in Norway can vary from warm and sunny to rainy and cold in one day.  Check the weather report and pack accordingly.
  • Toiletries
  • Swimwear and extra bath towel. There will be trips to the lake if the weather allows it.
  • If you bring electronic equipment, please remember to bring a charger.
  • Drinkingbottle - the Norwegian tabwater is always drinkable.
  • Special clothes for the concerts – colorful and summerly
  • Some pocket money
  • Flashlight (if you have one)
  • Valdres has mosquitos, so if you are allergic, bring some repellent. We have first aid kits and equipment for all other minor injuries
  • Sunscreen

Towels and bedsheets are included in the price