Teachers course

Lærerseminarbilde 2

Course description

Valdres summersymphony is a unique meeting place for childen and youth particularly interested in music. It is about to become a just as important meeting place for piano- and string teachers from around the world. This year, we offer a unique course that will give the teachers a possibility to exhange their experiences, get inspiration and discuss the art of teaching. 

We offer a 5 day course, from June 22nd-27th with lectures, concerts, observation of lectures with some of our most outstanding teachers, master classes as well as profetional discussions about the current challanges in the work and education of children and youth specially interested in music. 

The course will take place in our 1st course period; June 22nd - 27th 2022


Please send the application directly to: Anne.Camilla.Furre.Thommesen@sommersymfoni.no

send the following info 

  • Name
  • Age
  • Instrument
  • Background; Where did you study? Do you have any pedagogical experience? Any experience teaching?
  • Where are you working/freelancing?
  • Short statement on why you would like to participate in this course

Application deadline: TBA

Course fee 3300 NOK. Accommodation needs to be booked by the participants. 

Course details

Course content

* Lectures
* Observation of classes
* Professional discussions
* Possibility to participate in master classes
* Access to a chosen number of festival concerts

Criteria for participation

* The seminar suites both string- and piano teachers and students studying music
* Limited number of participants