String course for the youngest

Sigyn og de yngste

Course description

This is a course for participants born in 2013 or later. The course will focus on the joy of playing and overall musical qualities. All participants receive one-to-one classes daily as well as group-rehersals where they will focus on repertoire, hearing training, movement and play. 

Valdres summer symphony reserves the right to assemble the course and it's participants in accordans with the information given in the application form.

The course will take place in our 1. course period; June 19th - 24th 2020. 

(NB: The teaching will be in norwegian) 

Course details

Course content

  • Daily one-to-one lessons (30 minutes)
  • Daily group activity and/or orchestra led by Sigyn Fossnes and Torfinn Hoffart
  • Performance at a course concert (provided correctly information in the confirmationform, before the given day as announced in the letter of admission)
  • Free admission to a given number of festival concerts as well as all the course concerts
  • Final concert
  • The course- and festival ground offers plenty of extra curricular activities such as soccer, volleyball, chess and swimming (in company with adults)

Criteria for participation

  • Instruments: Violin, viola, cello and double bass
  • Applicants for violin, viola and cello should have at least one year experience with their instrument
  • Applicants for double bass should have played at least a couple of months and gotten to know their instrument
  • All participants in this course MUST be accpomanied by a guardien. Several participants can share one guardian. The guardian has to be privy to the fact that minor tasks can be demanded during the course.
  • The application will not be considered unless the application fee of 300 NOK has been paid. 
  • Participation requires that the fees have been paid in full before the course starts