All participants at Valdres Summer Symphony under the age of 18 will stay at Valdres folkehøgskole at Leira. This is also where most of the teaching will take place, all meals and concerts. We therefor encourage all participants to stay VFHS with all of the other students. This is important for the ultimate course feeling and the social gathering of participants at all ages.

Participants over the age of 18 will be accommodated at Scandic Valdres in Fagernes. They have to take responsebility for themselves and make sure to show up to lessons, rehersals, concerts etc.. at time and in accordance with our rules and regulations

All the participans and guardians that has been accepted, will be accomodated at Valdres folkehøgskole. This is included in the course fee (be aware that all participants born in 2008 or later MUST have a guardian staying with them). The school contains mostly of rooms for two people, but we do also have some rooms for 3-4 people available. The participants will, to the best of our ability, be divided into rooms by our staff. It is therefor important to remember to write the names of any friends you wold like to stay with in the confirmation form you recieve with your admissionletter.

All meals are also included in the course fee. We serve breakfast, dinner and supper. For lunch you have to make yourself a sandwich during breakfast. You also have the possibility to buy yoghurt/other snacks in our kiosk during the day (NB - this will be an extra cost if you prefer this).

Parents or siblings that wishes to stay in Valdres at the same time as the course takes place, but does not have the possibility to stay at Valdres folkehøgskole can read about some alternatives here: accommodation

Leira camping is the accommodation that is the closest to Valdres folkehøgskole. 

Some pictures from the folkehøgskole:

VFHS Oppholdsrommet

Main hall

VFHS Konsertsalen

The concert hall - auditorium