19-06-30 Avslutningskonsert _Vennskap Gjennom Musikk (c ) Tom Henning Bratlie _04

Since its beginning in 1994, Valdres Summer Symphony has become Northern Europe's largest course for classical musical talents. Every year at the end of June, 300 young people meet in Valdres to get inspiration and enjoy music. Participants who are between the ages of 5 and 30, get lessons from talented teachers as well as the festival's artists, and they gain concert experience by playing their own concerts. Valdres Summer Symphony also has the coordinating responsibility for the national projects "Instruments in focus" and "Papillon". Valdres Summer Symphony is part of the Norwegian Resource Center for Classical Music KF, which runs the festival, courses and national as well international projects.

Valdres sommersymfoni's digital classes

We are incredibly sorry that we will not be able to go through with the courses this year as we know them and we hope you all have gotten your course fee back.

However, we are very pleased to announce that we have managed to find a very good digital solution for some of the participants who were to attend our courses this summer. 

If you were to participate in SIS, NOBUS, NBSO, the Beethoven Orchestra or Valdre's international master classes, you will be offered the opportunity to enroll in a digital course in the period 23-25. June 2020.

The course will be conducted by the Swedish National Center for Music Talents (NCM) in Vänersborg in collaboration with the summer symphony. NCM has already gained good experience through other courses they have completed in recent months. If you were to attend the String Course or String Course Junior, you will have the opportunity to enroll in digital lessons with some of the teachers who were supposed to teach this year.

Check your e-mails to sign up! 

For the remaining courses, we are uncertain whether we will be able to find good alternatives that will work well. We are working on it and will send out information as soon as possible if we find a good way to go through with this. 

The dates for 2021 are June 25th - Juliy 5th.

We open for applications november 15th 

Deadline for applying is january 15th 2021.


 Courses 2020:

1.periode (june 19th-24th):

  • Stringcourse for the youngest
  • Stringcourse
  • NBSO-strings
  • Piano course
  • Summersymphony international string academy (SIS)
  • Papillon
  • Valdres Beethoven orchestra
  • Course for string and piano teachers - NB! Own applicantion process and deadline - please see the infobox

2.periode (june 24th-29th):

  • NBSO-strings
  • NOBUS-strings
  • Summersymphony international string academy (SIS)
  • Valdres international masterclasses
  • Papillon
  • Piano course in collaboration with SFT Barratt Due

Read about the admission of recording/video here. 


Watch Henning Kraggerud perform Beethovens violin concerto with last years Beethoven orhestra

 A video from last summers wind-academy course