About Valdres Summer Symphony

Stoler, åpningskonsert, Museet 2019

Valdres Summer Symphony has been founded in 1994 and consists of an international chamber music festival and Northern Europe's largest course for classical music talents. Every year at the end of June, about 30 festival concerts take place in the region at the same time as 300 young people meet to get inspiration and lessons. In addition to these summer activities, Valdres Summer Symphony has the coordinating responsibility for the national year-round projects "Instruments in focus" and "Papillon". Valdres Summer Symphony is part of the Norwegian Resource Center for Classical Music KF, which runs the festival, courses and national as well international projects. The Norwegian Resource Center for Classical Music KF is owned by the municipality of Nord-Aurdal, but is run as an independent income-generating and results-oriented company with its own budget and accounts.


Our board:

Chairman of the board: Geir Johnson 

Vice chairman: Alf Richard Kraggerud

Board members: Rolf Lennart Stensø, Anne Revling, Renate Remme Øverseth

Deputy members: Hanne Rinholm