Grieg kammerorkester

Festival artist, ensemble

Grieg Chamber Orchestra aims to help young musicians secure an orchestra job. One of the challenges the Norwegian music scene faces is that newly graduated musicians often applies for jobs in the captiol instead of in the orchestras located elsewhere in the country. Grieg Chamber Orchestra wish to strengthen the bonds to the different orchestras in the district by including young employees from these orchestras. The orchestra will have it's yearly gathering in Valdres, but will also aim to tour the country and visit the concert halls around the country.

The members in Grieg Chamber Orchestra will mostly consist of musicians under 30 years. They will be a mix of newly graduated, newly employed and some inspirational guests such as Eivind Ringstad and Amalie Stalheim who has established themselves as chamber musicians.

In addition to be an arena for recruitment for Norwegian orchestras, a safe space to exchange experiences, the orchestra will also be a professional work space. After loosing the comfort and security of the schools and before you have won an audition, there is often a gap in income and work opportunities. Grieg Chamber Orchestra wishes to fill this gap and offer a steady recruitment stream of new musicians to the Norwegian orchestras.