Course for participants born in 2009 or later. This course is for young, interested string players who find pleasure in engaging in classical music, both on their own and with others.

All participants will be closely monitored, both individually and in groups by our great musicians and educators.

For double bass and viola players who started late, both age and minimum level are indicative. Please contact the course management if you have any questions about the course

The section manager is entitled to accept students and make the placements based on the information given in the application form. 


Chamber strings will take place in our 2nd-course period: June 27th - July 2nd

(NB: The teaching will be in Norwegian) 

Course details

  • Daily one-to-one class (30 minutes)

  • Daily group activity and orchestra

  • Course elective: double bass and viola - free of charge
  • Performance at a student concert (provided correctly posted concert application before the given day as announced in the letter of admission).

  • Free admission to a given number of festival concerts

  • Free admission to all the student concerts
  • Final concert
  • Dobbel bass elective (free)
  • Viola elective (free)
  • Chamber music elective (For already established chamber music groups (1000 nok per person)
  • As a part of the project called "Instrumenter i Fokus", every viola player will get an additional individual designed offer which contains additions as (ensemble, teaching, and technical courses)
  • Orchestra leader: Henning Kraggerud (Concerto Grosso per bambine e bambini, composer: Henning Kraggerud)
  • The course ground offers plenty of extracurricular activities such as soccer, volleyball, chess, and swimming (in company with adults)


  • Instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double-base

  • Recommended minimum level: 
    • Violin: Accolay violin concerto, Bach violin concert in a-monir, Wieniawski op. 19: Dudarz and Haydn concerto in G-major.
    • Viola: J.Chr-Bach concerto in c-minor, Glazunov Elegy, Weber 6 variations
    • Cello: Camille Saint-Saëns: Allegro appassionata/Georg Goltmann: Celloconcerto nr. 4
    • Double bass: Vivaldi, cello sonata nr. 5, 2nd mvt/Simandl, etyde nr. 17 (from 30 etudes)
  • A guardian MUST accompany all participants born in 2011 or later. Several participants can share one guardian. The guardian has to be privy to the fact that minor tasks can be demanded during the course.

  • The application will not be considered unless the application fee  (300 NOK) has been paid. The money will cover administration as well as a contribution to our philanthropic project Playing for A Future.

  • Participation presupposes that the fees have been paid in full before the course starts.

  • All applicants must submit recordings of a self-chosen piece, 3 -5 min